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1. Podcast Show Notes

Need show notes that will promote your podcast and get it ranked on search engine?

Creating show notes facilitates your podcast ranking on search engines and it’s an amazing way to grow your audience. But summarizing the content of your podcast is not only time-consuming but requires a keen ear to encapsulate compelling points. 

I will write captivating notes that will get your podcast ranked as well as give your visitors a good first impression.

And yes. I know providing transcripts for your podcast is important too. I will provide well-formatted transcripts.

2. Transcription

Want high-quality and accurate transcriptions?

Finding a highly skilled professional to convert your audio and videos to 100% accurate, publish-ready transcription can be a pain. But not anymore because you are in the right place. I will give you a painless and personalized experience.

While fast typing is part of the transcription art, it is not the only thing. The most significant facet of transcription is quality. A transcript only meets the quality threshold only if it is accurate – as accurate as what was spoken in the audio. Let’s be honest, inaccurate transcript is useless and it’s not worth paying for.

The kind of quality I will offer you…

  • Properly formatted
  • Correct spelling and punctuation
  • Well paragraphed
  • Speakers identification
  • Well-researched corporate jargon, names, acronyms
  • Thoroughly proofread for errors

Evelyn, let’s get started already

Again, it’s impossible to come across a file that does not contain industry jargon and some proper nouns. A qualified transcriber should be able to carry out their research otherwise the transcription will not serve the purpose because the key information will be compromised.

I have mastered the art of transcription, and just by listening to your audio, I know exactly what to do. I mean just that. You will comfortably and peacefully do what you do best without having to send endless follow-up emails to find out the progress I have made. Shouldn’t working with your transcriptionist give you peace of mind?

Why order my services…

  • High accuracy level. Accuracy of 99% and above is guaranteed.
  • Professional and reliable service. I am a highly qualified professional with over four years’ experience.
  • Strictly confidential. No one will access your files. I will delete them immediately after transcription is completed.
  • Fast turnaround. You will receive your transcript within 24 hours – for up to 60 minutes.

I specialize in the following file types:

  • Podcasts
  • Church Sermon
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Conferences
  • Court proceedings
  • YouTube videos
  • Lectures
  • Medical records
  • Telephone calls
  • Others

Hiring a clueless person to do your transcription is doing a disservice to yourself.

Hire me for quality, customized transcripts. I have helped local and international companies with their transcription needs.

Contact me now for a quote. I will help take your transcription pain away. Email me at evelyn.maina20@gmail.com. Better still, fill in the form below.