6 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Podcasts

Is uploading a podcast to your website enough? No, it’s not — if you are seeking to make the most out of it. Taking the time to produce a great podcast is indeed a commendable effort. But ignoring some of your audiences could render futile your effort.

Podcast transcription is fundamental to achieving the ultimate online visibility goal. For that reason, creating alluring content in form of text blog is crucial for driving traffic to your site.

Here are some reasons why you should have your podcasts transcribed.

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#1. Reading Vs Listening

Inevitably, some people always prefer text article over video/audio. Text always appeal to a much wider audience since a large number of people prefer reading to listening. 

Likewise, users might prefer to quick-scan the transcript before deciding whether or not to listen to the podcast. Since podcasts are not visually engage, having a text version of your podcast content is equally important for the audience whose preference is reading.

#2. Hearing Impaired Inclusion

Lack of transcript debar hard-of-hearing from enjoying the presentation. An accurate
transcript is therefore imperative for the content to be helpful to all site visitors — including the hearing impaired.

Podcast transcription offers easy access to information for those who cannot be able to
hear the message in the podcast.

#3. Boosting SEO Traffic

Owing to how search engines systemize the internet, podcast transcripts are highly recommended. Unfortunately videos and audios cannot be indexed by search engine. But texts can.

Transcripts enable search engines to easily crawl your content and index it accordingly. Content of the podcast remains invisible to the search bots (that seeks content on the internet) in the absence of a transcript, even if the podcast has a clear title.

Has this been proven?

According to a study conducted by The American Life, traffic coming from search results increased by 6.68% after they published transcripts of their podcasts. This was directly attributed to the transcript pages.

#4. Sharing on Social Media

Bloggers and researchers may discover intriguing episodes of your podcast through Google search if your content is indexed. Readily available transcript makes it easy for them to cite you as a source. Otherwise, it might be time-consuming and tedious for them to transcribe your content themselves.

Additionally, transcript enables your audience to share your quotes on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, increasing your visibility. In brief, your podcasts are more shareable, citable, and quotable when you have ready transcripts.

#5. Accounting for Foreign Audiences

Usually, some non-native English speaker has difficulties understanding the podcast due to the speedy lingual delivery.

Text blogs and articles are therefore advantageous to non-native English speakers
who cannot easily understand a native English speaker manner of speech.

#6. Increasing Accessibility

There are people interested in information but are not necessarily deaf. For example, if someone is in the hospital, queuing in the bank, or just without earphones. You should consequently consider such people whose access restriction is circumstantial. There is no harm reading in the bus or during a boring speech either.

How do you transcribe your podcast?

Transcribing a podcast episode can be tedious, especially if the episode is particularly long. But nothing to worry about. This is an area of my expertise.

Quoting the words of one of my valued clients, I am a stellar transcriber and I take the words one hears and turn them into what you would want to read. 

I will produce flawless, captivating transcripts that will easily be indexed by the search engines, leading to increased traffic, as well as attract new clients to your site.

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